CNBC Credit Expert

Over the past month I have had the privilege of being interviewed and quoted on I wanted to take a minute and brag a bit for this accomplishment because, simply put, this is not an easy task to accomplish.

The interview from March 15th, 2020:

This credit expert has a perfect credit score—here’s exactly how he does it

What does it take to get the perfect 850 FICO score? We looked at one credit report to see what components make up that number on the FICO 8 model.

Jim Droske, 55, still uses the first credit card he ever opened: A Chase Sapphire card that he applied for in 1984 on campus at The University of Illinois at Chicago in exchange for a free box of Fannie Mae chocolates.

Today, he has six credit cards and a perfect 850 credit score.

Droske, who is president of Illinois Credit Services, a credit counseling company, has long been obsessed with tracking his credit score, and it’s paid off.

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