Listen to Jim Droske, President of Illinois Credit Service discuss why Your Credit Matters, weekly on WJOL 1340AM on Wednesdays 12:35pm. Credit repair expert Jim Droske with Illinois Credit Services discuss and explain relevant topics regarding credit scoring, credit reports, and credit repair.

Jim will help you understand how the credit system works, try to teach you about credit scoring, and explain how the banks and the credit system don’t want you to understand how the credit system works.
Having Good Credit is a Choice

Credit repair expert
Jim Droske, President and founder of Illinois Credit Services has been a guest on WIND 560
Credit Repair Option


How your credit score can limit your ability to take advantage of opportunities in today’s economy. What you should know about controlling your own credit report:

  • Learn how bad practices can affect your Credit Score
  • Learn why you can still have a low score even if you have no credit cards, and pay all your bills on time

Credit Repair – Credit Score


Differences between Scores and Credit Bureau

  • What is the ideal mix of credit?
  • How your score can be affected by inquiries?

Credit Repair Errors


Credit Consumer Laws

  • How Short Sales and Loan Modification can affect your credit
  • What to do (and not do) when you find errors on your credit report

Credit Score Models


How your actions can affect your Credit Score

  • What is the most common mistake people make with credit?
  • All 700’s aren’t created equally.
  • Factors that make up a Credit Score

How Your Actions can Affect Your Credit Score


What makes up the components of your credit score?


ICS Commercial Spots

At least 78% of people have at least one error on their Credit Report

What to do about Bad Credit

We Can Work on the Inaccuracies on Your Credit

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