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Denied loans

Many errors on credit reports are so severe that you can be denied financing for things such as an automobile, new house, even college loans.

Higher Interest Rates

Errors on your credit report could cause lenders to put you in a higher-risk financing causing you to pay higher rates and fees.

Higher Payments

Even utilities could charge you more based on your credit. Having errors can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary security deposits.

Insurance Premiums

In many cases, insurance premiums are partially impacted by a consumer’s credit.


Whether you are renting or buying, lenders and landlords both use credit to determine your eligibility and terms for housing.


Many companies review candidates credit reports before making a decision about hiring or promoting.

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With over 30 years of credit and finance experience, we have worked with thousands of clients . We want to help empower you to works towards improving your credit and scores by helping you understand how credit works and repairing errors that are affecting your credit.